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UHAI CENTRE is registered to carry on the Business of Consultancy in Human Resource, Counseling and Dissemination of Information on matters affecting Social Life, Substance us Disorders and other preventable Tropical Diseases in Kenya.UHAI acronym is derived from Unity in Health and Agriculture Improvement which also means ‘life’ or ‘alive’ in Swahili, a common language in East and central Africa.

Our Capacity

UHAI Centre is equipped and networked with trained and qualified counseling psychologists, psychotherapists and certified addiction professionals who are committed to offering credible, ethical and efficient services to the community.
Good relationship with our clientele and stakeholders i.e. Government, corporate/private sector, education institutions, religious institutions and social gatherings has made us reach our target population of most at risk.
Emergence of new drugs and trends of substance abuse is a big threat to our efforts. This has been largely contributed by media and technological advancements. We are acquainting ourselves with new developments.
In an individual addiction therapy session, the client works in close collaboration with the us.In addition to individual therapy,we also use group therapy methods.
Every year more countries find HIV/AIDS. In many countries, effective programmes have begun to prevent or deal with escalating HIV infection and to reverse existing HIV epidemics.
We are certified in Rehabilitation Nursing, an advanced specialty of nursing practice. We collaborate with other members of the rehab team to prevent complications and promote patient recovery.
Your drug-free workplace initiative can be an invaluable tool in efforts to strengthen and protect your business and your employees from the hazards of drug misuse.
Mentoring at schools, has been an increasingly popular choice for bringing caring adult and older peer relationships to the lives of more youth for several decades.
The 3 Key Pillars
Demand Reduction-It comprises of Public Education, Research & Policy Development.
Advocacy & education-A large population use drugs due to lack of information.
Prevention & Rehabilitation Pillar-We help prevent initiation of anti-social behaviors.

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Background and Overview.

UHAI Centre was initiated and started providing services in 2011. We have been offering rehabilitation and counseling services to all Kenyans regardless of ethnic, religious, age and socio-economic background. We have partnered with the National and County Government, Non Governmental Organizations’, Civil Society Organizations (CSO), Corporate organizations’, Religious institutions, Education institutions and caregivers in ensuring sober and productive societies.

This initiative was founded by Edwin Gitau Kibe:-
Edwin the founder and director of UHAI Centre is a successful recovering alcoholic (after over 10 years of alcohol abuse) whose life has changed tremendously. Upon recovery in 2011, he realized that many were affected and stigmatized; he underwent rigorous professional training conducted by NACADA in collaboration with NAADAC. He eventually graduated as a certified addiction professional in 2014.
In the year 2015, he pursued a M.A. degree in Project Planning and Management at the University of Nairobi and graduated in 2017. This has equipped him with skills, which have helped him run a successful project in tackling the menace of alcohol and substance abuse in the community.

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