Organizational Profile.

UHAI CENTRE is registered to carry on the Business of Consultancy in Human Resource, Counseling and Dissemination of Information on matters affecting Social Life, Substance us Disorders and other preventable Tropical Diseases in Kenya.

UHAI acronym is derived from Unity in Health and Agriculture Improvement which also means ‘life’ or ‘alive’ in Swahili, a common language in East and central Africa.

The Director/Founder of UHAI Centre and the chairman of United by Health and Agriculture Improvement(UHAI Self Help Group) hold a Master of Arts degree in Project Planning and Management degree University of Nairobi Bachelors of Commerce and University of Madras,India.

The Director has gone intensive training by National Authority for the campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse and eventually certified as Graduate Addiction Counselor;National Certification of Addiction Counselor in Kenya and accredited by National Association of Addiction and Drug Abuse Counselors thereby complying with the National Standards for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Persons with Substance Use Disorder.

Mission Statement

At UHAI Centre, we acknowledge that fighting alcoholism and drug addiction reduces HIV AIDS, Communicable and Non-communicable diseases thus promoting life and socio-economic well being of an individual.

We promote volunteerism in the fight against alcoholism, drugs and substance abuse in our communities by sensitizing and creating awareness aimed at preventing initiation of substance abuse. We are dedicated at ensuring that all people have access to necessary information and essential life skills to prevent indulgence in these anti-social and life threatening habits.


Our Core Values

Dedication : being dedicated in ensuring sobriety amongst all human beings.

Efficiency : being efficient in our activities to fight substance abuse.

Consistency : being consistent in our activities to fight substance abuse.

Honesty : being honest in our activities to fight substance abuse.

Ownership : ownership of our programs in the fight against substance abuse.

Our Core Programs

  • Preventive Communication & Motivational Mentorship in Workplaces, Education Institutions and Religious Institutions.
  • Counseling, Mentorship and Career Guidance Programmes
  • Social Welfare (Basic health awareness; correlation between substance abuse and HIV AIDS)
  • Promoting Income Generating Activities and enhancing Economic empowerment

Our Goal

UHAI Centre aims at promoting the campaign against substance abuse and related antisocial behaviors by sensitizing our population and capacity building caregivers.We focus on reaching out to most vulnerable populations with limited access to information and offer referral services, more particularly to youth and school going children using preventive communication and motivational mentorship strategies’.

Our Objectives

  • Increase awareness about the risks of alcoholism and drugs abuse by providing necessary support; Prevention, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Re-integration in the community.
  • Educate and create awareness on the correlation between Sex, Alcohol, AIDS and Drugs (SAAD) – a disaster!
  • Enhancing education through capacity building trainings to ensure effective and supportive management of the menace.

Guiding Principles

  • Acknowledging that addiction is a brain disease.
  • Identifying and promoting good examples of policies and programs that are efficient and making a difference to reduce drug abuse.
  • Implementing a balanced policy of drug abuse prevention, education; research and demand reduction in our routine activities.
  • Ensuring that all drug abuse programmes have the goals of preventing drug use and helping drug users become drug free.
  • Ensuring Women who seek treatment for drug use have equal ability to gain access to and benefit from treatment and education.
  • Acknowledging that the responsibility of fighting drugs, chemicals and substances is upon each one of us.
  • Actively participating and contributing towards achievement of sobriety objectives and goals.

Our Vision

Sober and productive life in the community for all – Living life, alive…, stay sober!”