Jan 25

Priority Area 1:

Education on effects of substance abuse, HIV AIDS and related medical illnesses; This priority area seeks to create awareness through seminars among employees, school children and other social settings on harmful effects of drug and substance abuse and strengthening control mechanisms for alcohol and drug abuse and their co-relation to HIV AIDS and other illnesses.

Priority Area 2:

Advocacy and Capacity Building; This activity includes training teams of local peer trainers drawn from different settings in order to build local human resource base on knowledge, skills and understanding drug abuse diagnosis, management of drug addicts, prevention strategies, correlation between HIV AIDS and other medical diseases, reintegration of recovering persons without stigma.

Priority Area 3:

Improving the Quality of Life; the objective of this priority area is to enable early detection of substance abuse, provide help and effective services to those affected. During our awareness sessions, we endeavor to help detected cases and offer a brief intervention before doing referrals and consequent follow up on progress made.

Priority Area 4:

Mitigation of Socio-Economic Impact; the objective of this priority area is to innovate, adapt and tap into existing programmes. Client initiatives and innovativeness will be encouraged and mentored by UHAI team. This is aimed at preventing relapse and ultimately improving economic productivity and stability.

 Priority Area 5:

Economic Empowerment through Capacity Building; the objective of this priority area is to empower most at risk youth (both employed and unemployed) with business start-up ideas, planning and management skills by imparting knowledge.

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