Individual Counseling

In an individual addiction therapy session, the client works in close collaboration with the us. In doing so, a uniquely constructive, confidential and trust-based relationship is established. Counseling sessions always take place in a safe and supportive environment where the client is free to explore feelings and behaviors in a way that leads to clarity and healing.

During sessions, we will work with clients to identify some of the harmful patterns in their life, but also to develop some effective tools and strategies for correcting those patterns. Life skills will also be developed, providing the client with ways to maintain sobriety even after the therapy sessions end. These one-on-one therapies are meant to empower, inspire and ultimately point the way to freedom from addiction.

Effective Group Therapy

In addition to individual therapy,we also use group therapy methods. Group sessions are typically made up of four to seven patients, and are led by licensed therapists. We offer both purely clinical as well as faith-centered group therapy sessions, all designed to provide encouragement to those who are in the middle of their own recovery journey.

Individuals begin to understand that they are not alone in their issues, and other people have similar issues and struggles. This results in the development of a sense of identity, belongingness, and the release of tension and stress.

Individuals in group therapy receive support from other people and are also able to give support to other members. Receiving and giving support develops a broader therapeutic alliance and a shared sense of goals that fosters improvement.