We are certified in Rehabilitation Nursing, an advanced specialty of nursing practice. We collaborate with other members of the rehab team to prevent complications and promote patient recovery. The nurse also teaches patients about medications, self-care and encourages patients to use the techniques they have learned in daily therapy. Before discharge, the nurses prepare patients and family members for the skills they will need to master at home.


Each patient is assigned a case manager who works one-on-one with patients and families to address the social, community-reintegration and insurance issues that may arise as a result of disability. Case managers help patients move through the continuum of health care and coordinate team recommendations with patients, families and insurance carriers. Case managers also provide access to a variety of community services and living options that will aid the patient’s transition back into the community.


 Each patient receives intensive rehab services . The team collaborates to provide an integrated, multidisciplinary service designed to ensure that the patient’s outcomes and functional status are maximized to return home, school, work or within the continuum of care.